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About Us

MEYER & SÖHNE is one of Germany’s premier providers of executive search services, founded in 2009 by Marcus Meyer and his sons Max and Luis.

Our six partners and exceptional team are serving and supporting our clients in a vast range of industries with their unique enthusiasm and unfailing professionalism. We are passionate about engaging with real leaders who have made their mark in business. It makes us proud whenever we see that we have found the right people and inspired them to join our clients, and when we see them taking the next successful steps in their careers.

We believe that limits and boundaries are there to be pushed: As members of the ECI Group, we serve and advise our clients across nations and industries.

Executive Search

The partners of MEYER & SÖHNE are recognized specialists for the direct search and selection of executives, with a focus on positions on the top two management tiers and on supervisory and advisory bodies. Our clients include multinational corporations as well as owner-managed market leading enterprises.

We work with a network developed and grown over decades of work in our focus industries that allows us vital insights for every search commission. We have grown up as professionals in the world of executive search and can combine our expertise and experience from this background with cutting-edge research tools in our work.

Your expectations guide, inform, and determine our every effort: We work with you to make sure that your company’s culture and environment are reflected in the right candidate for you. We are proud that the candidates recommended by us will contribute substantially and sustainably to the success of your enterprise.

Executive Development

MEYER & SÖHNE are specialized in the following dimensions of executive development:

  • Training and coaching for executives, teams, and workgroups
  • Aptitude diagnostics (management audits), using standardized selection aids for internal and external selection procedures
  • Strategic workforce management


MEYER & SÖHNE offer coaching for our client’s executive staff in areas including:

  • Defining their role in the organization and its many relationships
  • Recognizing and understanding their own capabilities, especially in situations of conflict
  • Finding a sensible balance between their personal capacities and their professional performance
  • Developing, exploring, and internalizing corporate values

Our Notion Of Coaching

Our notion of coaching is sustained by our belief that the coachees already know the solutions for their issues, but have yet to discover and realize them. We are there to accompany and support that process of realization, as our coachees find their way towards a solution on their own responsibility. We know that people are social beings and part of diverse and dynamic systems in their work, their family, and society at large. We integrate the values, ambitions, and convictions of our coachees in our development services with our commitment to a teleological process of discovery and appreciation. We see our coachees as free and independent in following their own inherent reasoning: Our coachees develop and pursue only those goals that help them be their best in their organizations. Our consulting process is built around clarity and transparency, with psychoeducational elements for our clients and coachees. The success of our solution-driven coaching process is supported by our belief in optimism and focus on the strengths and resources of our coachees.


At MEYER & SÖHNE, we are passionate about finding the right people for top positions in business and contributing to the success of our clients. Our philosophy is built on a commitment to shared ethical and humanistic values that guide all of our agents and partners. Our claim is one of genuine trust, reliability, and uncompromising quality in our search for highly qualified and personally convincing leaders.

All of our partners can draw on many years of experience in management and consulting as well as substantial knowledge of their industries. We add to this our belief in empathy, absolute integrity, and a clear sense for the needs and expectations of our clients and the satisfaction of our candidates as the essential roots of our success.

We let the following values guide and inspire us in every phase of our search commissions:


The processes and methods we employee at MEYER & SÖHNE are designed to exacting standards and based on our long-standing experience in executive search.


We see ourselves as the ambassadors and representatives of our clients and fully acknowledge the responsibility this brings for us. Our responsibility for our candidates guides us towards sustainable and value-adding solutions for everybody involved.


Genuine awareness of the industry and a sense for the culture of our clients are essential for us to be able to give a meaningful judgment of the qualities and aptitude of any candidate.


Transparent and straightforward communication, independence, and integrity are the norm for us, and the basis for our lasting and sustainable partnerships with our clients.


Our work is built on a commitment to trust, for our clients and for our candidates. We work to win this trust again every day, because it is the source of our success.


Cosmopolitan, inquisitive, and inclusive: Strong foundations for absolute confidentiality and discretion on all sides.


Die Prozesse und Methoden, die wir bei MEYER & SÖHNE anwenden, entsprechen höchsten Standards und resultieren aus unseren langjährigen Erfahrungen.


Wir verstehen uns als Repräsentant und Botschafter unserer Klienten und sind uns dieser Verantwortung zu jeder Zeit bewusst.


Ein tiefgehendes Verständnis der Branche und der Unternehmenskultur unserer Klienten ist die entscheidende Voraussetzung, um gültige Aussagen zur besonderen Eignung von Kandidaten für spezielle Anforderungen zu treffen.


Eine stets ehrliche und gradlinige Kommunikation sowie Unabhängigkeit und Integrität sind für uns selbstverständlich und führen zu einer nachhaltigen und langfristigen Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Klienten.


Diskretion und Seriosität sind für uns die Basis für absolute Vertraulichkeit unseren Klienten und Kandidaten gegenüber.


We only ever accept search commissions in industries whose language we speak and whose leading minds we can reach with our strong network. Our long history in executive search has led us to a selection of focus industries to excel in.

The consultants of MEYER & SÖHNE possess comprehensive and intensive experience in the following sectors:


  • Automotive suppliers
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Industrial trucks
  • E-Mobility
  • After market
  • Rail vehicles and rolling stock


  • Chemicals
  • Construction chemicals
  • Glass, ceramics, synthetics
  • Mineral resources
  • Petroleum and refining
  • Paper & cellulose
  • Chemical distribution


  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Industrial services
  • Logistics and transport
  • Plastics and packaging technology
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Metallurgy and metal processing


  • Construction supplies
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Real estate and facility management
  • Rail transport
  • Environmental services
  • Waste management


  • Biotech
  • Medical technology
  • Clinical trusts and hospitals


  • Telecommunication
  • IoT and Services
  • Hardware and semiconductors
  • IT services

With our experience, we help and empower our clients to find and attract the best leaders and management personalities. The range of our search activities allows us to find the best-fit candidates for our clients and their corporate cultures, even across disciplines and industries.

International Network

MEYER & SÖHNE are the exclusive German partner of the ECI Group. This means that we not only fill management positions for our German clients at home and abroad, but also for the clients of our international network partners. The higher the demand for an ideal fit of candidates, the wider we cast our net in our search and identify and reach out to candidates worldwide. The ECI Group was founded in 1969 and is one of the oldest and most renowned global networks in the field of retained executive search.

ECI is a global network comprising independent companies, each with its own solid reputation in domestic, retained executive search and leadership consulting. Our organisational model enables our partner firms to focus on what they do best: satisfy and exceed the expectations of their clients. ECI has no standard models or pre-packaged solutions. Every solution is precisely honed through the skills, market intelligence and insights of expert consultants in each sector and geography – experts who think outside the box with a global and multi-disciplinary perspective.
Supported by our International Office, which coordinates and deploys partnership-wide expertise, our local teams work closely with our clients’ leadership structures to create unique and distinctive research and leadership consulting strategies, tailored to fit the exact circumstances and nuances of every individual requirement.
This is our boutique approach, and has been our signature for over 50 years.


  • FMCG
  • SMCG
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail

Marcus Meyer

After gaining his degree in Business Management at the University of Cologne, Marcus Meyer joined the Treuhand Agency as Head of HR at Chemnitz, entrusted with the responsibility to support the managing directors and directors of former state-owned Volkseigene Betriebe. Upon joining Kienbaum & Partner, Marcus Meyer fulfilled his ambitions to become an HR consultant. His career in the industry included further appointments at KornFerry International and Deininger Unternehmensberatung, as well as a number of years on “the other side”, acting as the head of HR at a logistics service provider.
In 2009 he founded MEYER & SÖHNE and since 2019 he is president of our international network, the ECI Group. Marcus Meyer also serves on the European Council of the AESC.

E-Mail: marcus.meyer@eci-meyersoehne.com

Phone: + 49 2871 23667-10

Marcus Meyer


Daniel Iczek

After completing his business economics studies at the Ruhr University of Bochum as a graduate economist, Daniel Iczek began his professional career as an Analyst and subsequently Account Manager at Google Germany. In his next role as a Senior Consultant in the industry division of an internationally renowned HR consulting firm, he supported his clients with holistic consulting services from the initial contact to the finished project.
In his work as a Trusted Advisor and industry specialist for MEYER & SÖHNE, his clients include globally and locally active SMEs, owner-managed family businesses, and large corporations, for whom he deploys his executive search competence across functional and industry boundaries. His vision of consulting is grounded in principles of mutual trust, uncompromising quality, and an in-depth understanding of the industry he is operating in.

E-Mail: daniel.iczek@eci-meyersoehne.com

Phone: + 49 2871 23667-16

Daniel Iczek


Volker Rieso

After completing his law degree at the University of Cologne, Volker Rieso began his career as a consultant at one of Germany’s largest independent, owner-managed HR consultancies in 1991, before being appointed as Partner at Roland Berger International HR Consulting in 2000. Since his decision to join Deininger Unternehmensberater as a Managing Partner and subsequent work as a Managing Director at one of the largest global HR consultancy firms, he has built up a track record of several hundred successful top-level executive search assignments for German and international businesses.

E-Mail: volker.rieso@eci-meyersoehne.com

Phone: + 49 2871 23667-15

Volker Rieso


Hubert Looks

After studying civil engineering, Hubert Looks started his professional career in 1991, initially at Hüls AG in Marl, where he worked for the Technical Service in Europe. From 1994 he held various positions at the AKZO Nobel Group, including the building adhesives division Schönox and the raw materials business ELOTEX based in Lucerne/Switzerland. As Commercial Director, he managed international sales and was Global Key Account Manager. Since 2009 he was Managing Director at Sievert AG and most recently Director Sales and IT/Digitisation at Köster Bauchemie AG. Hubert Looks advises companies in the chemical, trade and construction and construction supply industries on a holistic basis.

E-Mail: hubert.looks@eci-meyersoehne.com

Phone: + 49 2871 23667-23

Hubert Looks


Ralf Mock

Ralf Mock began his professional career at Linde AG. After his business management studies in Hamburg and Cologne he took over various international management duties in the materials handling, refrigeration and technical gas division. He became member of the executive team and Director of Marketing for the Linde Group. After moving to Villeroy & Boch AG, Ralf Mock was responsible for the company’s tableware division as member of the executive board. In his subsequent work for NACCO Materials Handling Group, Ralf Mock was Managing Director for the Group’s materials handling operations in the EMEA region, with manufacturing sites in the U.K., the Netherlands, and Italy.

E-Mail: ralf.mock@eci-meyersoehne.com

Phone: + 49 69 2549461-35

Ralf Mock


Astrid Meyer

Astrid Meyer studied national and business economics at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne and started her professional career after raising the next generation of the Meyer family.
With a track record of more than 15 years as a Project and Team Leader for Bocholt’s municipal development and operations company EWIBO, she is a specialist for coaching female clients in particular through phases of change and transformation. As a MEYER & SÖHNE Partner, she is in charge of the firm’s business coaching and personality development operations, applying her expertise as a certified Systemic Business Coach, a certified Individual Psychological Consultant and Encouraging© trainer to support organizations and their leaders with HR development and personality analytics and to assist individual clients with their career questions.

E-Mail: astrid.meyer@eci-meyersoehne.com

Phone: + 49 2871 23667-18

Astrid Meyer


Sonja Günther

Office Manager

+49 2871 23667-11

Akram Morteza


+49 2871 23667-12

Loubna Lafouiri


+49 2871 23667-13

Herbert Scholz


+49 2871 23667-19

Maren Essing


+49 2871 23667-17

Brandone Sonna


+49 2871 23667-24



Münsterstraße 12
46397 Bocholt
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Liebigstraße 20
60323 Frankfurt am Main
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